Positive Play: Dress-Up at Daycare

When children attend a childcare center, it is important for them to be entertained. I can still remember when I had to attend daycare after school. My mom worked long hours and most of my free time was spent at my daycare. It seemed like all there was to do was play video games, watch a movie, or create trouble. The daycare did not provide many opportunities or supplies for educational entertainment. If I were looking for a daycare center for my own children, I most definitely would be sure they were being entertained in a positive manner – not with TV, movies, and video games.

I mentioned in a previous article about the educational uses of puzzles as a means to occupy children in a daycare center. In this article, I am going to discuss the positives of playing dress-up!

Playing dress-up is a wonderful pastime for me and others. When playing dress-up, a child’s mind soars with creativity! Many other positive things come out of playing dress-up as well.

Play, including dress-up, is a child’s way of practicing new ways of understanding the world around them, relationships, and their own minds. It is also a good way to keep children in a childcare setting from getting into trouble. When kids get bored, they find non-productive and negative activities to participate in.

Playing dress-up encourages social interaction. It improves 프라그마틱 플레이 skills. When kids are playing dress-up together, they are forced to share and work out problems together. They also naturally engage in role-play.

If you are on a budget, here are items that easily can be used for playing dress-up:

– Scarves and aprons
– Hats of all kinds
– A tool belt
– Skirts or dresses with elastic
– A towel can become a cape, tablecloth, or anything of the sort!

If you run a child care facility, it would be important for you to invest in some dress-up costumes. This way several children can play together constructively. These costumes may also impress your prospective parents and families.

You can find many children’s dress-up costumes online or in stores – from mail carrier costumes to multicultural costumes. Having occupational costumes in your child care facility will encourage children to think about their future and interests. Multicultural costumes will help the children in your childcare center gain cultural knowledge and be culturally aware.


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